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Hahn Air - Basic info

Airline name Hahn Air
Destinations Dusseldorf (DUS) and Luxembourg
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Onboard refreshments sold separately
Main competitors SAS
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Hahn Air - Contacts

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Hahn Air - Check-in, Baggage Allowance & Fees

Checked baggage weight: 20 kg
Online check in No

Hahn Air - Photos


Hahn Air - Competitors

Airline Competitors Notes
SAS strong 2 shared destinations (100%)
British Airways strong 2 shared destinations (100%)
easyJet strong 2 shared destinations (100%)
Swiss International Air Lines strong 2 shared destinations (100%)
Turkish Airlines strong 2 shared destinations (100%)

Hahn Air - Routes

Europe (destinations: 2)

- Germany: Dusseldorf (DUS)
- Luxembourg: Luxembourg