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Brussels S. Charleroi Airport


Nearby cities: Brussels (about 46 km)
Country: Belgium
Website: www.charleroi-airport.com
Phone: +32 78 15 27 22
GPS: 50°27'33"N 4°27'14"E
Brussels South Charleroi Airport
rue des Frères Wright 8
B-6041 Charleroi

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Parking at Brussels S. Charleroi

  • short term parking: available
  • long term parking: available

Getting in and out


  • Sympa-tax: +32 (0) 71 30 30 33
  • Rapid tax: +32 (0)71 31 55 55
  • Taxis Carolo: +32 (0)71 32 32 32
  • Confort-tax: +32 (0)71 21 99 99
  • Taxi2Airport +3188 3188 331

Facilities at Brussels S. Charleroi

Paid Internet access: YES Currency Exchange: YES
Cash machines (ATMs): YES Luggage lockers: YES
Lost property: YES    

Alternative Airports to Brussels S. Charleroi

Airport name Location Distance
Brussels (BRU) Brussels, Belgium 50 km north
Liege - Bierset (LGG) Liege, Belgium 70 km east
Deurne (ANR) Antwerp, Belgium 80 km north
Lille (LIL) Lille, France 100 km west
Maastricht/Aachen (MST) Aachen/Maastricht, Netherlands 110 km northeast

Attractions nearby Brussels S. Charleroi

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