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2014 Europe’s cheapest airports

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Our recent research on air ticket prices reveals that Oslo Rygge airport ranks as the cheapest in Europe. The cost of flights from Oslo Rygge is on average €0.036 per kilometre, while from Oslo Gardermoen (OSL) they are €0.154 which makes Gardermoen 4 times more expensive. Which airports are the cheapest?

cheapest airports

Secondary airports more than 4 times cheaper than the main airports

Even when comparing prices per kilometer, the secondary airports showed up as the cheapest option while travelling from European capitals. This is mainly thanks to higher ammount of flights served by low-cost airlines that are dragging the prices down.

To compare the main airports with secondary, let’s have a look at two more examples from 10 cheapest airports – Brussels Charleroi and Stockholm Skavsta. While the cost of flights from Brussels Charleroi (CRL) airport is on average €0.0402 per kilometre, prices Brussels main airport (IATA code BRU) are €0.0813, the same applies to Stockholm airports – while Skavsta (NYO) offers on average €0.0379, Arlanda (ARN) is three times more expensive with €0.1129 per kilometer.

And what about the most popular Europe destinations? London Heathrow (LHR) is often the airport most London visitor choose, however with the average price €0.2016 it can be really expensive in comparison to Stansted (STN) with €0.0658, Luton (LTN) with €0.0790 or Gatwick (LGW) with €0.0914. Paris Beauvais airport (BVA) offers flights on average for €0.0487 per km, while Charles de Gaulle airport (CDG) has flights for €0.1162 per kilometer.

Even though secondary airport may seem as the best option, some of them are located very far aways from the city. A perfect example could be Paris Beauvais which is located approximately 90 km from Paris city centre. So it is always good to check the public transportation to the city or parking options before you decide to fly from one of these.

secondary vs main airports

Comparison of main and secondary airports

City Secondary Airport Main Airport
Oslo €0.0360 €0.1540
Brussels €0.0402 €0.0813
Stockholm €0.0379 €0.1129
Paris €0.0487 €0.1162
London €0.0658 €0.2016
Düsseldorf €0.0412 €0.1606
Warsaw €0.0406 €0.1259
Barcelona €0.0622 €0.0966

Europe's 15 che­apest airports

Airport Avg price per km
Oslo Rygge €0.0359
Stockholm Skavsta €0.0379
Brussels Charleroi €0.0402
Warsaw Modlin €0.0406
Düsseldorf Weeze €0.0412
Bratislava €0.0453
Bucharest Otopeni €0.0464
Gothenburg City €0.0471
Paphos €0.0475
Frankfurt Hahn €0.0479
Paris Beauvais €0.0487
Katowice €0.0488
Lisbon €0.0498
Milan Bergamo €0.0505
Poznan €0.0516


WhichAirline.com compared prices from all airports in Europe, using average price per 1 kilometre of flight for air tickets available for purchase in the following months. Air ticket prices are taken from the WhichAirline database. The average ticket price per km was used as a way to compare the overall price levels.


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